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Strada Orià, 9/A • 12061 Carrù (CN) • TEL +39 0173 750990
P.IVA 01647340049






The passionate and meticulous job, handed on from generation to generation and supported by a strong pioneering sense, gives always its good results: the one hundred years history of the Vacchetti family are there to prove it.

An entrepreneurial story, that one of the Piedmontese Company based in Carrù, in the province of Cuneo, that began long ago, even at the end of 1800 when Paolo Vacchetti set up the artisan basket weaver business, a job that, like all the activities of the time, was carried out within the family with the participation of all components: wife, sons and grandsons.

Thus was established the first contact with Eastern Europe and then with the Far East by real marketing pioneers of the market, and in some cases also exporting the own know how and ability in the art of wicker weaving, as it happened for Yugoslavia firstly and Indonesia and China afterwards, as to obtain the finished product packed according to the requirements of the Italian market.

Nowadays, the distribution network of the Vacchetti, coordinated by the synergy with the commercial representatives in each region, capillary covers all our Country, taking care of both small and large-scale retail trade.

The over 22.400 sq.m. of warehouse and 2,000 sq.m. of showroom, make it possible to provide a fast and competitive offer given by a wide variety of products in order to satisfy the requirements of the many and diversified customers.

In Vacchetti Company current life we count the past (the extraordinary wealth of knowledge inherited from previous generations), the present (as we have just seen), and also thefuture: the constant search for new materials and experimentation of new colors and combinations constantly place the Piedmontese Company on the forefront of the furnishings market.